Thomas Avenue

Construction of a new 4,966 Sq ft. single family three story residence with a new detached, 534 Sqft. two car garage. Scope of work includes the proposed construction of a new 1,000 Sq ft. secondary dwelling unit and the removal of an existing derelict/ abandoned building. Additional work includes a new driveway and exterior landscape and hardscape areas.


Brisbane, CA

Date of Completion

In Progress

Project Team

[Architect] Mark English Architects
[Contractor] TBD
[Structural Engineer] GFDS Engineers
[Civil Engineer] Lea & Braze Engineering, Inc.
[Soils Engineer & Survey] Bagg Engineers
[Engineering Geologist] Hoexter Consulting, Inc.
[Environmental Consultant] Johnson Marigot Consulting LLC.
[Landscape Architect] Shades of Green Landscape Architecture
[Photographer] TBD

Project Members

Mark English
Greg Corbett